Dave Liebl

Webinar on the Ultimate Medical Sensor Technology, Featuring David Liebl

David Liebl, Intricon’s chief technology and commercial officer, was a featured expert on Medical Design Briefs magazine webcast: Developing the Ultimate Medical Sensor Technology. Biosensor devices monitor and detect changes in biological processes and convert them into a physical signal. Biosensors can be close to the body, on the body, or in the body.

As companies develop such monitoring devices that incorporate sensors, it is important for them to understand how to partner to effectively and cost-efficiently bring their devices to the medical market. On the webcast, Dave provided guidance on:

  • Integrating sensors in devices
  • Understanding the growing need for point-of-care biosensor devices and biosensors in a waning COVID-19 pandemic
  • Working with a knowledgeable, experienced partner on quality and regulatory requirements, development, assembly, manufacturing, and packaging of wearable biosensors as medical devices

Intricon is part of a growing wearable biosensor ecosystem, providing unsurpassed expertise in miniaturized electronics for biosensor innovation through prototyping, testing, validation, product launches, and fulfillment. Intricon uses technical capabilities and regulatory acumen as a contract development manufacturer in the wearable biosensor industry for manufacturers of biosensors used in pulmonology, remote patient monitoring, audiology, orthopedics, endocrinology, and gastroenterology.

Since 1977, Intricon has been bringing bioelectronic devices to life. Over 45 years, it has grown and evolved processes and capabilities to create biosensors that are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable for patients. As a contract manufacturer exclusive to medical technology, the company partners with industry leading medical device companies from around the globe to build world-class products that make the lives of patients better.

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