Miniature Molding

Best-in-class precision and quality.

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Producing more than 150 million molded parts and 20 million insert molded needles annually, Intricon can tackle product platforms with the tightest tolerances and most challenging designs. We offer decades of precision miniature molding experience across a range of applications, including microelectronics, over-molded needles, and specialty devices, to best meet the needs of your device, regardless of volume or complexity.

We specialize in insert- and injection-molded assemblies.
Our portfolio of options for materials, insertions, and form factors enables us to meet the unique needs of your device. We focus on insert molding to reduce assembly steps, accelerate project timelines, and bring products to market efficiently and economically.

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Key Capabilities

  • Molding expertise across the full range of volume requirements, from
    short-run molding with bridge tooling to high-volume SPI class 101
  • Ability to achieve tolerances of ±.0005 inches in compliance with
    ASTM and SPI standards
  • Unsurpassed expertise to ensure robustness in Scientific Injection
    Molding (SIM) process development
  • Confidence with a broad range of materials such as polyether ether
    ketone (PEEK), nylon (PA), polypropylene (PP), liquid crystal
    polymer (LCP), acrylic (PMMA), polyoxymethylene (POM),
    polycarbonate (PC) and more
  • Reel-to-reel molding techniques to enhance quality and
  • Portfolio of presses built for insert-molding, including rotary vertical,
    shuttle, and vertical clamping/horizontal barrels
  • Cutting-edge precision for damage-free insertion of micro
    components with the most intricate designs
  • Full range of secondary manufacturing operations such as welding,
    wire bonding, soldering, part numbering, and/or singulation
micromedical molding