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Experts in microelectronic subassemblies and devices.

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Building a multi-functional micromedical device and incorporating the electronic circuits required to power it calls for proven expertise – from the earliest stages of design all the way to full-scale production. Our unparalleled experience in microelectronic assembly and circuit design comes from decades of helping device companies reduce product size while improving cost and time efficiencies. We help our partners overcome design challenges in microelectronic subassemblies and devices by incorporating ultra-fine pitch circuits with components down to 01005.

Engineer-led design optimization from design guidance through validation.
Using a strategic combination of proprietary automation and skilled hand assembly, our process is designed to improve performance and provide higher yields while keeping the project on time and on budget, for even the most complex programs.


Key Capabilities

  • Design expertise in high-density, multi-layer, ultra-fine pitch circuits
    • 254-micron pitch with 100-micron solder balls
  • Skilled at high-speed, automated PCB/Flex circuit assembly down to 01005 (0.010” x .005”)
  • Micro-Via Dimensions 80um/178m (2mil dielectric)
  • Optimized circuit design for ultra-low power consumption and miniaturization
  • In-house, state of the art surface mount technology (SMT) pick-and-place machines to populate flex circuits or printed circuit boards
  • The strongest welds and unsurpassed quality using in-house ball bonding and wedge bonding
  • Assembly performed in ISO Class 8 tested controlled environments
Multi-layer biosensor