Bringing your biosensor to life

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Our singular focus brings confidence to every project we face. For four decades, Intricon has been bringing the world’s smallest, smartest bioelectronic devices to life. We’ve grown and evolved our processes and capabilities to create cutting-edge miniaturized biosensors that are smaller, lighter, and more cost-efficient.

  • High-density microelectronics
  • Ultra-low power
  • Miniature molding
  • Miniaturization
  • Wireless technology (e.g., Bluetooth low energy)
  • Embedded firmware
  • Scalable from prototypes to high-volume manufacturing
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Is your smallest medical device your biggest challenge?

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The smaller the medical device, the trickier it is to build and scale. More than 40 years of dedicated experience in manufacturing and commercializing micromedical devices has taught us how to avoid frustrations, inefficiencies and obstacles along the way. Whether you’re working to convert from first-gen to next-gen, struggling to scale as volumes grow, or getting hung up by hit-or-miss supply chains, we’ve seen it all and bring our micromedical specialists and proven processes to your project.

Experts in electromagnetic sensors for surgical navigation.

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Using wires as small as a third of the width of a human hair. It takes experienced specialists to design miniature electromagnetic sensors that achieve maximum performance. We know that our customers need more than a one-size-fits-all solution to addresses the complexities of their sensor-enabled surgical navigation device.

  • Custom designs to address EM performance and size
  • High-volume scalability in winding and assembly
  • System and material optimization
  • Complete range of ultra-fine wires and cores/no core
  • Leaded sensor assemblies, reference patch arrays, trocar embedded sensors
  • Sensor integration into final design for seamless
    performance of the entire electromagnetic tracking system
electromagnetic sensors

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