Electromagnetic Sensors for Surgical Navigation

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Tailored solutions for the most effective electromagnetic sensing.

Intricon uses proprietary modeling and engineering processes to achieve ultimate signal integrity within the smallest possible footprint. The resulting EM sensors effectively meet your induction, resistance, sensitivity, and localization goals while seamlessly integrating within interventional devices.

End-to-end customization with broad compatibility.
With practical experience in both sensor and full-device design, Intricon is uniquely positioned to provide advice and support, from development all the way to high-volume manufacturing.

EM sensor creation

Key Capabilities

  • Unique designs to address electromagnetic performance and physical
  • High-volume scalability in winding and assembly
  • Unparalleled capabilities in fine wire bonding to attach micro-sensors to twisted pair leads or other wires to create full-length connectivity
  • Optimization of entire systems, including sensor, assembly, operating space, field generator, and EM performance
  • Understanding of the optimal core material balances trade-offs between permeability, saturation, and material strength
  • Ensuring seamless performance of the entire electromagnetic tracking system
EM sensor size comparison