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NextFlex Interview with Megan Brosnan, Director of Technology Development

NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, recently interviewed Intricon’s Megan Brosnan about the company’s membership in NextFlex and its commitment to flexible-rigid hybrid (FHE) applications in medical-grade wearables.

Excerpt from the article:

Question: Megan, tell us about your role at Intricon and the focus of your organization.

Answer: My role as the Director of Technology Development is to help the organization build our technology portfolio by strategically identifying capabilities needed for growth. These capabilities may involve bringing technologies in house, acquiring, or partnering with other companies or organizations.

For more than four decades, Intricon has improved and extended people’s lives by developing and manufacturing sensor-driven micromedical devices.

The company partners with medical device companies, providing unique microelectronic expertise—including microelectronics for wearable biosensors and electromagnetic sensors for surgical navigation – as well as precision miniature molding, regulatory guidance, supply chain optimization, and scalable production.

As we anticipate scaling specific technologies, we look forward to partnering with NextFlex.