Sofia Vargas Featured in MD&O’s Women in Medtech

Sofia Vargas, Business Development Manager for Intricon Costa Rica, shares her insights on the greatest challenges and opportunities facing medtech today with MD&O’s Women in Medtech.

Sofía Vargas is business development manager at Intricon Costa Rica. Her mission is to bridge opportunity and technology for Intricon customers by creating new, impactful partnerships between the company and medical device pioneers in Costa Rica and beyond. Sofía joined Intricon as it announced plans to build a new state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facility in Costa Rica.

Excerpt from the article:

What initially attracted you to the medtech industry? How has your perspective on the industry evolved over the course of your career?

I’ve always liked to work for a purpose. Developing the life sciences industry in Costa Rica brings innovation that saves people’s lives and provides quality jobs to the Costa Rican people. My job has a double impact. That’s what attracted me to the industry, which keeps me focused and fascinated with the work.

The deeper I go in the industry, the more it amazes me. I’m always thinking about how to improve peoples’ lives, how to create a much less invasive technology for patients. At Intricon, we have a highly motivated team because it’s very easy to create passion around saving lives. I firmly believe that Intricon moves medical technology forward, bringing ideas that make a difference in people’s lives to reality.

What has evolved for me is understanding the importance of a resilient supply chain to medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). That’s what Intricon’s new facility in Costa Rica will bring: the chance for customers to have proximity to this important supplier of sensor-driven medical devices, supported by a cost-efficient manufacturing plant that allows OEMs to scale production of their devices to meet market demand.