The world demands small
world-class medical products.

The medical industry is faced with pressures to reduce the costs of healthcare. IntriCon currently serves this market by offering medical manufacturers the capabilities to design, develop and manufacture components for medical devices that are easier to use, more miniature, lower power, and lighter weight. These devices measure with greater accuracy and provide more functions while reducing the costs to manufacture these devices.

IntriCon is focused on sales of multiple bio-telemetry devices from life-critical diagnostic monitoring devices to drug-delivery systems. Using our nanoDSP™ and ULP nanoLink™ technology, the Company manufactures microelectronics, micro-mechanical assemblies, high-precision injection-molded plastic components and complete bio-telemetry devices for emerging and leading medical device manufacturers. Targeted customers include medical product manufacturers of portable and lightweight battery powered devices, as well as a variety of sensors designed to connect a patient to an electronic device.

In 2009, we also entered the cardiac diagnostic monitoring (CDM) market, with our acquisition of Datrix, a supplier of patient monitoring devices. We are leveraging Datrix’s cardiac monitoring capabilities and incorporating IntriCon’s core competencies to develop and launch a new line of CDM devices.

Our products shift the point of care by connecting patients and caregivers, providing vital information and feedback while improving productivity and lowering the cost of quality healthcare.