Electromagnetic Tip Location Technology

Intricon specializes in electromagnetic (EM) tip location solutions. EM tip location works by imbedding a tiny micro-coil in the distal tip of a medical device which can be tracked in three dimensional space when it moves through an electromagnetic field projected across the targeted area of the patient’s body. By using EM tip location technologies, less fluoroscopy (x-ray) is used during the procedures, resulting in less radiation for the patient and the medical team.

Our micro-coils can be wound with a diameter under 1 French and lengths under 8mm.They can be wound with insulated wire as small as 58 AWG (one-third the diameter of a human hair) around a range of cores (or no core). And with decades of experience in microelectronics, we have unparalleled capabilities in fine wire bonding to attach micro-coils to twisted pair leads or other wires to create full-length connectivity. Intricon also has an excellent track record of incorporating micro-coil sub-assemblies into fully assembled devices, performing final device calibrations and packaging in our customer’s final packaging. Common clinical uses for EM tip location technologies include Interventional Pulmonology, ear/nose/throat (ENT) and atrial fibrillation (AF) mapping and ablation.