Chart showing medical device platform focus by Intricon
body worn devices
interventional catheters
Molded needle assemblies
hearing health
electromagnetic navigation sensors

Body Worn Devices

Examples of Body worn devices from Intricon advances innovation in medical device systems through joint development manufacturing.

Body Worn Devices

Building on years of in-depth experience in microelectronics, wireless communications and ultra-low power digital signal processing, Intricon produces a range of devices that end-users wear on their bodies. Products in this category include cardiac monitoring patches and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems as well as gastrointestinal capsules that a patient can swallow to capture images or collect sample bacteria in the GI tract.

We also use our expertise in winding micro-coils to create tiny antennae used in implantable cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices or cardiac monitors. We can help advance innovation at any stage of the development process, from early stage R&D as your joint development partner to final testing, packaging and shipping.