Micromedical tolerance stack-up: Insight into the inner workings of high-density microelectronic medical devices

June 22, 2022

Intricon’s Manufacturing Engineering Manager Darren Gilmer provides Medical Design and Outsourcing readers with an article on the importance of tolerance stack-up in micromedical components for medical devices.

At a time when the future of micro miniature medical devices seems unlimited, one fundamental reality remains firmly in place — the sizes and shapes of human anatomy. From blood vessels to ear canals, respiratory passages to neural pathways, the physical dimensions of the body available for life-saving and life-enhancing medical therapies exist within a minimum and maximum range. For medical devices, the general rule for reaching deeper into the tiniest areas of the body is “the smaller, the better.” 

The article outlines key considerations when a thousands of an inch in design can make a significant impact in accelerating a product’s time to market. 

Read Article here: https://bit.ly/3OheGrr.

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