Perfecting the art and science of Plastic Medical Molding.

IntriCon is one of the few companies that has the technical skills and practical know-how to combine plastics and electronics. We work with electronics at the wafer level, designing complex multilayer flex and printed circuit boards, incorporating automated assembly techniques and computerized testing to meet your requirements. Whether your electronic solutions require a flex circuit, PC board or ceramic substrate interface, IntriCon has the design and engineering expertise to meet your needs.

Injection and Insert Molding

Throughout our molding processes, we can incorporate microprocessor controlled profiles, robotics, vision/video measuring systems, advanced computers and efficient material handling equipment in meeting your special needs. Our dedicated team of engineers and manufacturing professionals work with you to develop customized products that meet your requirements.

Integrated Solutions

Getting your product to market at the right time, in the right package size and at the right price is critical to the success of your business.  As the need for package size is reduced, the pressure to keep costs under control continues to increase. This presents designers with even more challenges in developing creative solutions that deliver unmatched levels of performance.

Value Added Solutions

Producing a product for the medical market presents many challenges to decision makers. Engineers and operations managers in these companies have come to realize that it is more efficient and cost-effective to use specialized engineering and manufacturing companies for their plastic and microelectronic needs.

At IntriCon, we offer services which include:

• Joint design, value engineering and fast prototyping
• Flexible production and quick response to meet your market needs
• Value added fabrication along with advanced assembly and tests

IntriCon’s advanced manufacturing techniques, include insert molding, precision mechanical and advanced electronic assembly, allows us to provide extensive customization options.