Complete hearing solutions.

IntriCon’s manufacturing system is designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.  We offer many BTE and ITE systems in support of our customers. Some of these systems are proprietary to specific customers. These systems represent the level of full integrated systems we can provide. All systems are sold to bonafide Hearing Instrument manufacturers.

Products available through IntriCon include those with IntriCon design as well as other customer designs that IntriCon is licensed to sell.  These are not catalog items, they are product platforms that IntriCon can leverage based on your needs.

Due to licensing, charges are possible.  Any product containing the ClearTube™ system may require a technology access fee from IntriCon.  Other products, including our RIC system also require additional licensing fees that would be included in the IntriCon price. Custom solutions are also available.

Lumen™ 150 i2

The Lumen 150 i2 is a BTE hearing aid aimed to meet a wide range of market needs. Available in multiple colors, power levels, and product configurations, it is the ideal hearing aid for consumers.


The patent-pending APT-D™ Open ITC that makes IntriCon a new leader in the Open ITC market. For more information visit the APT-D product page...


The iRIC Receiver-in-Canal BTE is designed to give the wearer a more open, un-occluded feel. Intricon’s RIC device is available in mini, standard and directional versions. For more information visit the iRIC Family product page...


This miniature digital BTE is the perfect fit for an active lifestyle, and is ideal for wearers with mild-to-moderate hearing losses. With its sleek design and miniature size, this programmable hearing system is the perfect addition to any product line. For more information visit the Loon product page...


The UNI is a standard ITE device. A proven system, available with a variety of IntriCon's amplifications options. This innovation allows specific customization for varying demands. For more information visit the UNI product page... 

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