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IntriCon is your one-stop shop for small hearing health devices. For over 30 years, IntriCon has been aligned with the hearing aid industry. Our industry-specific competencies allow us to provide customers with advanced hearing products, ranging from ultra-miniature volume controls and trimmers to custom amplifiers and custom, completed hearing instruments based on proprietary ULP nanoDSP™ and ULP nanoLink™ wireless technology.  

Our foundation is nanoDSP™ technology – a collection of hardware and firmware for powerful, yet small hearing amplification.  Whether you choose off-the-shelf amplifiers or prefer a customized solution, nanoDSP™ technology gives you state-of-the-art features at competitive prices.  We also offer a wide range of full-system in-the-ear and behind-the-ear hearing aid solutions. Our Bodynet™ line includes a series of wirelessly enabled products that improve the performance of hearing instruments in difficult listening situations.


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